Saturday, October 19, 2013

Me paddling Sulu Sea on Kelly Dudley Lakes in SE Minnesota

Paddling "Sulu Sea" on Kelly Dudley Lakes in SE Minnesota

Future videos will feature a wider angle of view than I was able to achieve with my Flip Video Ultra HD mounted on the forward ama post.

But the video shows that you can indeed use a double paddle and sit on a comfortable beach chair to enjoy the great, aquatic outdoors, on a car topper outrigger canoe.

The minimum clearance you need to comfortably us a double paddle:
fore and aft -- six and a half feet between the waka from the centerline outward -- four feet

  • It took about an hour to upload this video to and YouTube, simultaneously, over the cafe's wifi.
  • It took a similarly long time for Windows Live Movie Maker to load the 34 minute original HD MP4 file for editing.
  • I still don't know anything about the best file format for uploading videos --- an excellent research topic.
  • In future I will shoot shorter video clips and upload shorter video segments, until I can upgrade my computer, wifi speed, or both.-


Thomas said...

Great to see some updates on this project! I was almost about to comment on the procrastination post...

Looks like a great alternative to a sit on top canoe. How much freeboard is there with you on board? The beam in the video cunningly hides the waterline!

I've just un-hibernated my outrigger canoe and am sorting out a new lateen rig, very keen to get out on the water now!

Doug Weir said...


Great to hear from you! Very cool site you have, BTW.

There's very little freeboard with me on board. Less than 3" anyway. It's quite a wet ride, but most of the water I ship on board drains onto my lap from my paddle.

Water definitely sloshes over the deck in choppy conditions.

BUT, a bikini clad tatooed beauty at the beach insisted that my boat was BAD ASS. Applies to all proas, of course.

The hull cross section is roughly an equilateral triangle with 16-1/2" inch sides. I weigh just over 210 lbs.

I just returned from walking out about 100 yards on Kelly Dudley Lake, where the ice is about 6" thick, not thick enough to drive on yet.

Wind howling. I am determined to try skate sailing.




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