Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finished Ama

The ama (outrigger float) all faired and sanded, resting on styrofoam cradles. It's ready for surgery to implant the hardwood posts, to connect the ama to the iakos (crossbeams).

Performing surgery with an underused Dremel Tool. Here I'm cutting through two layers: one layer of epoxy filled fiber glass tape over a single layer of epoxy filled 7 oz. e-glass cloth. I'm cutting a rectangle to closely fit the post.

Popping out the rectangular section of ama shell with a 1/4" chisel. It popped out cleanly and easily.

Surgical tools used to gouge out the styrofoam core.

Surgery complete. Socket ready for one of the hardwood (white oak) posts.

Test fit. Such a joy.

Posts bonded in place and ama painted with primer.

Dowel end of an ioko. The plywood cheeks at the end of the main beam should keep joint from spitting under load.

First test assembly.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cannon Lake -- The Likely Launch Site

Last week I bonded the aka attachment posts into the Ama. Photos shortly. Meantime, here's Cannon Lake, Minnesota, the likely launch site. There's a nice sandy beach at the far (South) end of the lake.

gold party